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The Button

The Button

Tech expert Trevor Long shows Australia's TODAY show viewers the latest devices from the 2018 Integrate Expo, which are set to revolutionise our lives.

Trevor talked this morning about The Button a programmable button which can do it all. Of course Trevor refers to the FIBARO programmable button

The FIBARO Button is a compact, battery powered Z-Wave Plus device which allows you to control devices and run scenes in your smart-home network with a single press of a button. 

The FIBARO Button supports up to 6 different actions/scenes which are triggered with one to five clicks or by holding the button down. 

Fibaro Button small


Designed to be small and light, the FIBARO Button can be conveniently mounted on any surface and in any location (eg. beside the bed or under the desk) and with a battery life of 6 - 12 months you don't need to find a power source for these control devices. 

To learn more about the FIBARO Button check out our range here or about the Integrate Expo 2018 check out the today show video here.

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