Free shipping this week for orders over $100
Free shipping this week for orders over $100

Getting Started

Have you heard about Smart homes but not sure how a Smart home can benefit you or how to get started?

Our getting started service is a service for those who are not quite sure what they want out of a smart home, what the benefits are or how to actually save money using smart home devices. 

How it works

Getting started is simple, and there are a number of ways you can get started.

  1. Book a one on one video call via our contact page with one of our smart home consultants who will assist with the following. 
    1. Help you understand your smart home dream
    2. Help you understand the benefits a smart home can bring to you and your family
    3. Provide guidance and recommendations, what to look out for and how to save money both on power costs and installation costs.
  2. Reach out via our customer engagement page and we will email you further information.
  3. Send us a TXT on 0439504098 and we will contact you back. 

Your involvement, our support

At Easy Smarthome we understand that everyone is different, we have hundreds of customers who want to tinker and change their smart home rules and devices themselves. However some of our customers are not interested in this and just want their smart home to work as they planned and we have this covered too. 

Our team can provide end to end service of your smart home so you don't have to worry about programming and updating rules etc. as our team do this all for you as part of our smart home customer service plans